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Application Rules

on Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:48 pm
To obtain membership, prospective members are each required to submit an application of a country that is set on Earth in the present day. The country should be fictional but realistic. Applications are approved/rejected by a simple majority vote among members. Members may each only have one country and may not submit any more countries for membership. Constituent countries, overseas territories, dependencies and other quasi-national entities are allowed, but will be considered part of the country that governs them. These are the current set of rules as of November 2018. The rules are subject to modification upon the consensus approval of the membership.

  1. A country application is required to have the following categories of information: 1-OFFICIAL NAME, 2-FLAG, 3-EMBLEM, 4-CAPITAL CITY, 5-POPULATION, 6-AREA, 7-NOMINAL GDP, 8-GDP (PPP), 9-UNHDI SCORE, 10-SPOKEN/OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S), 11-EXECUTIVE LEADER(S), 12-ECONOMY AND TRADE, 13-DEMONYM, 14-LOCATION ON POLITICAL WORLD MAP, 15-CURRENCY, 16-TYPE OF GOVERNMENT, 17-BRIEF HISTORICAL BACKGROUND, 18-ETHNIC/RELIGIOUS COMPOSITION, 19-CLIMATE, 20-SOCIAL ISSUES. The depth of information presented in these categories is at the discretion of applicants, however more details will present a better picture and enable better feedback from those reviewing the application. An application that entirely lacks any of these categories cannot proceed to voting until the missing categories are added.
  2. Applicants should strive for realism and not necessarily power and prestige in their applications. Smaller and less developed countries can be as interesting in roleplay if not more interesting than larger and more economically powerful countries.
  3. Applications are reviewed by the membership and given input, after which they may proceed to voting upon the approval of each applicant and the site administration.
  4. Forum members vote on each application over the course of a maximum of two weeks. If a majority of the existing membership votes in favor of the application, the country applied enters the forum as its newest member state. If the application does not receive support from the majority, it fails and the applicant can choose to keep the application up and further revise it until another vote takes place or may withdraw it. An application that fails three consecutive votes will be automatically withdrawn and the applicant may not apply again for a period of two months.
  5. Behavior of the applicant during the application process may be weighed in favor of or against the applicant by the membership and by the site administration.
  6. Applicants displaying a hostile attitude may see their application fail or possibly have their accounts placed on probation or banned by the site administration. Please display a cordial attitude at all times and accept the input provided by members.
  7. Members critiquing applications are also expected to maintain a proper attitude and offer constructive forms of input. Members displaying a hostile attitude or engaging in obstructionism may also be sanctioned by the site administration for their behavior.
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