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Roleplay Rules

on Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:28 pm
The point of the IFCP is roleplay among member states and simulating international diplomacy, therefore members are expected to engage in roleplay and/or other forms of diplomacy in order to continue their membership.

  1. Members engaging in roleplay on behalf of their member country are expected to provide indication of that by placing their roleplay statement inside of [RP][RP] or [IC][IC], with RP standing for "roleplay" and IC standing for "in-character". Otherwise, the format of text and placing information regarding the identity of the spokesperson or government ministry is entirely up to the members.
  2. Roleplay statements are required to be formal and in diplomatic language. Members are advised to model their roleplay language based on statements from real-life government ministries and government spokespeople. Foul language and obscenities are absolutely not allowed in roleplay and will count as a violation of site rules.
  3. Members should remember to distinguish between informal statements from politicians, opinion articles, official government statements, private media and state media. Some of these organs may be appropriate to respond to with roleplay statements while others may not.
  4. Roleplay events such as summits, agreements, conflicts, disputes, and other forms of engagement between member states should be realistic, planned beforehand and receive the approval of all involved members. These events are highly encouraged and create activity on the forum. Events which do not have approval of all involved members or are highly unrealistic or disruptive may be ended and/or nullified and some or all of the members involved may be sanctioned by the site administration. Members who have not consented to partaking in an event in which their country has become involved or find an event to be disruptive are encouraged to contact the site administration.
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